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Cubs Extend Contract Of Scouting Director - RealGM Wiretap

The Chicago Cubs have extended the contract of scouting director Jason McLeod for another two years nike air max 2017 orange womens uk sale , according to sources.


Jason McLeod withdrew his name from consideration for the vacant general manager position with the San Diego Padres last week.

Matt Moore To Have MRI On Left Elbow - RealGM Wiretap

Matt Moore will have an MRI on his left elbow after departing Monday night's game against the Kansas City Royals in the fifth inning.


Moore grimaced after throwing a changeup to Nori Aoki, which prompted a mound visit from Joe Maddon and Tampa Bay Rays athletic trainer Ron Porterfield.


"Ron's take on it was that it was something less than last year," Maddon said. "But we still have to get it checked out."


Moore said he would have a MRI on Tuesday. X-rays taken Monday night showed no damage.


"Maybe it's a hyperextension nike air max 2017 orange womens uk , it's kind of like a bruise," Moore said. "It's hard to find that uncomfortable feeling."


Moore won 17 games last season, but went on the disabled list last July 31 with a sore elbow and did not return until Sept. 3.

锘? Why do we find a move that seems so easy to the professionals so incredibly difficult to perform? Recently I discovered that psychologists believe that we learn differently as adults than we do when we were children. And I believe this may be the key to explaining why we have such a difficult time of it. The large majority of professional golfers will have taken up golf when they were kids - Tiger Woods was swinging a club well at 3! But nike air max 2017 orange uk , I would imagine the majority of amateur golfers took golf up when either in their late teens, early twenties or even later in life - as adults. The psychologists believe that as children we learn from repeating the model that we see - we know that kids are very trusting of what they are told. Yes, they ask lots of questions but they trust the answers given. They see nike air max 2017 mens uk sale , and are told, and DO. Now as adults we learn differently. We have already formed opinions about how the world is and how things operate. So when we learn something new we actually test it against the rules that we have already built up in our heads as to what is right and wrong. Unfortunately for us, the golf swing is actually illogical. That's where the problem stems from. In our heads we can't actually accept or believe that that is how the golf swing works. We then trust our instinct and test it against our rules and go back to what we believe is logical. Here is what is illogical about the golf swing: A Golf Swing without Effort = A Powerful 300 yard drive It's been said before that the secret to the pros swing is that it achieves 'Power WITHOUT Effort - how illogical is that! It's a bit like saying we're going on a 200 mile car journey nike air max 2017 mens uk , but we're not going to turn the engine on! No ones going to believe you. That's how our brains interpret it - we think there's no way you can hit a golf ball 300 yards without LOTS of effort. So next time we coil up on the backswing our brain tells our muscles 'right guys we need plenty of effort if we're going to send this ball long and straight'. Pro's do actually put effort into their swings to get the ball to go that far (look at Tiger Woods face just before impact and you'll see what I mean) BUT they put it in at a completely different point in the swing to amateur golfers. They also know the technique that allows them to produce such great results - and it doesn't involve power, certainly not how the amateur golfer understands it. Amateur golfers think you need to start the golf swing powerfully BUT the pro golfers know that you put the effort in at the bottom of the swing. If you try and take this point on board this will start the process of adjusting your mind. Over the next few pages I'm going to OPEN your EYES to how the golf swing actually works - much of which us amateurs don't appreciate. Understanding is the 1st key to unlocking your golfing potential. Towards the end of my book I'll show you where to get a piece of software that will by-pass your conscious mind and reprogram your sub-conscious mind to believe what you will see and start to understand about how the pro golf swing works. How YOU can swing powerfully without effort. EYE-OPENER No. 2 What part of the body contributes the most to generating the maximum speed of the club head? This single answer allowed me to make a huge leap in my understanding of the golf swing, and in everything I had seen and read about the golf swing none of it emphasised it enough. I carried out a survey on the Internet over several weeks and asked visitors to my web site the question:- What part of the body contributes the most to generating the maximum speed of the club head? Only 20% got the answer correct - That's only 1 in every 5 golfers! And these golfers had a wide range of handicaps down to single figures. Interestingly this figure corresponds to another golfing statistic - Did you know that only arou


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